Low Speed Ventilation®: where the laws of nature collaborate
  • Availability


    High availability, stable temperatures and stable humidity for the equipment
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  • Flexible


    Multi-positionable racks and IT hardware
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  • Comfort


    Robust and simple technique in a comfortable and safe work environment
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    Up to 20% economy on investment with new developments
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  • Modular


    On demand expandable cooling facility without primary process disturbance
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  • Energy


    Extremely low energy consumption in data centers that are completely or in start-up situation
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  • OPEX


    Up to 30% economy on maintenance costs for present state-of-the art data centers
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Tiny airflow resistance

The pressure difference along the trajectory of the airflow in conventional modern Data Centers can be as high as a 1,000 Pa. In the approach of Low Speed Ventilation® it is possible to achieve a tiny airflow resistance of just 20 – 40 Pa, with the air filters taking the lion share.

Apart from the obvious positive effects on the energy consumption, the small load of the fans extends the expected lifetime of the fans significantly. Moreover, it leads to less noise, less maintenance and related costs and to a more robust performance.