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Air corridor

The air corridor is the essential part in the Low Speed Ventilation solution. This corridor is situated alongside the data room. The air coolers are located in the corridor as part of the wall separating the corridor from either the data room or the space under the raised floor. In this corridor the air is prepared for entering the data room. Return air is mixed with outside air (if available), moistened ( if necessary), filtered and cooled (if necessary) . The space occupied by this corridor is on average the same as the combined space occupied by all the coolers in a conventional layout.

Alfa LU-VE Speed Ventilation air coolers
In close cooperation with our engineers, Alfa LU-VE air specialists have developed a dedicated air cooler range for the Low Speed Ventilation concept.
Alfa LU-VE Artigo air coolers are fully dedicated, heavy duty industrial air coolers that operate with low fan speeds, low air velocities and minimal pressure differences along the air flow trajectory.

The air cooler range is based on a flexible modular construction to fit all duties and Data Center lay-outs.